SSL and auto refresh

I have a self hosted website that has a page that auto refreshes.
I am using Nginx on a pi for reverse proxy.
The issue I am having is since generating a ssl in my Cloudflare the website will no longer
auto refresh… If I go direct to ip/port it works fine.
I have change Nginx to remove https, ssl but it still does not auto refresh…

What have I missed

Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you are facing. Do you feel comfortable sharing the URL of the site here so that we could review the configuration?

I doubt that Cloudflare and our SSL/TLS is related to this not working, it sounds like possibly something else on Cloudflare like Minification or Rocket loader would be a more likely cause to prevent something like this working - Content optimizations · Cloudflare Speed docs

If you have not already, trying to disable those features to see if you have any change in behavior would be a good first step.


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