Ssl also not working

my ssl is also not working
I have the ssl cert working when my nameservers are pointing to my webhost.
Cert is from and in working order.
when i change nameservers the ssl doesnt work.
origin cert is valid in the cloudflare settings.
do I need to install also the origin certificate into my cpanel aswell as my certificate.
issues only started to arise this month and im getting a little frustrated cloudflare not working.
or is it changed and i have to have a business account to upload my third party certificate so it works?

You have to install the origin certificate on your c panel.

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i get this error

Certificate name mismatch

it doesnt work, and i installed exact from instructions.

Create a new certificate from cloud flare then install it

still not working

The certificate being presented by Cloudflare does not contain your domain name.

Please visit, and tell us what the SSL Encryption Mode is. Then click the edge certificates tab and tell us what it says in “Edge Certificates” and “Disable Universal SSL” (at the bottom)

If Universal SSL is already disabled, then enable it and wait until the edge certificate status says ‘active’.

says invalid certificate now after enabling universal ssl.

seems to work now i had to re do the origin cert again

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