SSL Active Or Expired?


A couple days ago I tested my site and got warning messages it was unsecure. I contacted Bluehost and they told me my ssl expired 24 days ago.

However, Sucuri did not detect the ssl expired and Cloudflare says my ssl is active on

So to correct the issue Bluehost tells me I need to point the name servers back to Bluehost to activate an ssl. So yesterday I pointed the servers back to Bluehost from Cloudflare and the site is showing secure again. I did not purchase another ssl certificate yet as I wanted the pointing back to Bluehost to propagate before doing anything.

Something is not right. Is the SSL expired or it is active?

Also, I presume I need to point back to Cloudflare from Bluehost but will that make my site unsecure again?

Complicating matters Sucuri continually flags notices that the DNS have been modified - showing before and after name server addresses (the sets of numbers).

So why do the DNS keep changing and what is causing these problems? What do I do to correct these issues and remain with Cloudflare?


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