Ssl active but still not working on my site



Yesterday i created account on cloudflare through free purchase and after setting everything, today i saw that the universal ssl is showing active but still i am not able to load my site with https.

I don’t know what’s wrong is going on. But https is still not working.

My cpanel is showing that there is no ssl certificate installed. I am getting redirected to this page

Please help me asap.
Thank you


You probably have SSL set to Full, but it should be set to Flexible. Give that a try.


First of all thanks for the reply.

What does it mean
And what are the difference between full and flexible


Thank you so much its working now after changing it to flexible.


Wait, it is working in google chrome but when i open it in uc browser then its not working.
I tried clearing cookies and cache but still not working


It’s pretty close to all secure. There are a few mixed content errors where you’re trying to load an image using an HTTP scheme:

I don’t know what the uc browser is, but it will require its own troubleshooting. My first guess would be a DNS issue with that browser – trying HTTPS straight to the origin server.


Should i change all the links from http to https through a WordPress Plugin "search and replace "


That’s what I’ve done in the past. Just be careful with what you type in. Change “http://gharstuff” to “https://gharstuff” That should do it. But make a backup first.

p.s. Yes, I didn’t type in the .com part. That’s not going to make a difference in the search, as what I typed is enough to locate the http links you need to fix.


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