SSL active but not working

Hi there - we have a main domain and whole bunch of subdomains using Cloudflare. SSL on almost everything is working except for one subdomain - The settings are identical to everyone else but it keeps serving it over http instead of https. Would appreciate any help

That subdomain isn’t going through Cloudflare. Its DNS entry is probably set to :grey: instead of :orange:.

thanks @sdayman, I was just experimenting with different settings to see if I could get it working. I set it back to go through Cloudflare but not seeing any difference.

Ok, I’m seeing a 525 that indicates your server doesn’t have an SSL certificate for that subdomain. When you were bypassing Cloudflare, I think I neglected to test if that subdomain supported SSL.

If that’s the case, you can either:

  1. Add an SSL certificate (or wildcard certificate) to your server -or-
  2. Create a Page Rule for* and set SSL to Flexible.

thanks @sdayman - it looks like I have a wildcard certificate added here? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

That one’s fine. The problem is on your server. canvas doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

Thanks @sdayman but I’m still struggling unfortunately. I went ahead and applied a certificate on our server but now getting an “SSL handshake failed” message.

These are the same settings we’re using on other subdomains (such as

Now it’s unreachable. What happens if you switch it back to :grey:?

@sdayman - just switched, getting the same issue but not sure if it takes a bit of time to take effect

Going to origin and it’s still not responding to HTTPS.

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