SSL Active, but https give 522 (time out)

Ok i give up, anyway thanks for help Sandro :+1:

cant write more that 14 post/day so i will edit this one:

i create origin certificate, replaced .crt and .key file and:
now i got cloudflare certificate on localhost:
(Windows does not have enough information to verify this certificate)

You really just need to configure a valid certificate on your server. Right now you have a self-signed one and that wont validate. The easiest thing might be to simply get an Origin certificate from

Something of that sort should work.

That is now okay. Origin certificates are not trusted by browsers, only Cloudflare.

Now, enable Cloudflare, make sure “Full strict” is selected, and you should be good to go.

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wow, i guess everything works now!
on all ok
on cloudflare - Full (strict)
i got my padlock! :smiley:

before, when i try, origin certificate give me 2 codes. one is .CRT and one is .KEY, and i though that 1st one is a .CSR (like on screenshoot) or .PEM file. Thats why everything dont want works for me, but when you write “get an Origin certificate” then i realised its a .CRT file: D

Thanks a lot @sandro ! Thanks for your patience <3

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