SSL activation on a subdomain

I have a domain on IIS server, basically it is a sub domain, I need to activate the SSL on that how do I do that with cloudfare.

Heyyo, it really depends on the configuration and limitations you have.

Can you change the name servers of the root domain? If you can, you can add the site on to Cloudflare and have the subdomain proxied.

If you cannot change the nameservers, you will need a business plan to proxy only the subdomain:

Or an Enterprise plan for subdomain set-up (When you use a subdomain setup, you can manage the Cloudflare settings for one or more subdomains separately from those associated with your root domain.):

When your site is proxied over Cloudflare, we will protect it with Universal SSL:

The SSL part is something you first need to configure on your server. Cloudflare can’t do much here, except for providing an Origin certificate, which you still need to configure on your server. Once your server is secure, you can proceed with the setup as mentioned by @Wanda.

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