SSL activated but still not secure website


I chose Flexible mode on my new website and it says its activated and I also activated the Always Use HTTPS option. However, when I access my website it says that the website is not secure and it’s dangerous. I tested it with and it says I have no mixed content and all good.

But still, see the red google chrome screen about the deceptive site. What should I do?

My website is:

That site is flagged by Google. This isn’t something that Cloudflare can fix.

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@sdayman Hola, me pasa algo similar este es mi pagina
Elegí el modo de encriptacion Completo, me sale que esta en estado universal activo, instale really simple SSL y al verificar todo me sale que mi certificado no es valido y por ende mi sitio web no es seguro y es peligroso

Por Favor Ayudeme

Ah, it looks all clear now. Good news!

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