SSL activated but not working. Please help!

I joined couldlfare and set up my website 2 days ago, everything was working back then. then I mistakenly deleted the site from Cloudflare. when I re-added the site, it is no more working. my universal ssl is also activated. I did the whole process of changing nameservers to normal and then aain to to the Cloudflare ones (given by Cloudflare) but still not working. I have Flexible ssl and ‘Always use HTTPS’ showing ‘ON’.

What’s the error? Would you mind to tell us the domain?
page isn’t redirecting properly

You have a redirect loop. Something on your web server is redirecting all requests to HTTPS. When you’re using Flexible SSL, this doesn’t work.

Find out what it is on your server that’s trying to make sure all connections are https, and turn that off.

Or you can try SSL Full and see if that works. If not, then go back to my above suggestion.

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