SSL 526 on a subdomain

Hi Everyone,

Recently moved our entire Apex domain SSL over to Cloudflare (previously was Azure. See: Cloudflare Pages can't associate with a domain - #6 by gareth3 )

This morning we had an issue with a subdomain we use for serving images, so here’s the setup. → Resolves to Cloudflare Pages → proxied through Cloudflare but SSL is handled by Azure’s CDN and a certificate is provisioned there:

I think what’s happening is we don’t have a Subject Alternate Name entry in the apex certificate for that avatars subdomain so the Azure cert isn’t validating according to Cloudflare because there’s two certs with different valid domains.

I’m not sure I want to associate pages with it though as it’ll then serve the main website rather than just being an image specific sudbomain.

At the moment to work around it I’ve disabled strict SSL on the subdomain route through Cloudflare, but if I set it to strict, I get a 526.

Any help appreciated!

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