SSL 526 Error

Hi there,

I’m having issues with my site and is coming up with 526 error.

I’ve contact my domain host and they have advised that it is something that is on the end of Cloudflare.
How do I get this fixed?

Error 526 means the SSL certificate on your origin server/hosting has a problem and is likely invalid, maybe due to expiry if it was working before.

Pause Cloudflare, or set the DNS record to “DNS only”, this will bypass Cloudflare and allow you to connect direct to your origin, fix it and then re-enable Cloudflare.

Hi there,

You have your current SSL/TLS encryption mode set to Full (strict), this requires you to either have a valid SSL certificate at the origin or a Cloudflare origin certificate.

You can generate an origin certificate under SSL/TLS > Origin Server and pressing Create certificate. After you install that at your origin, your zone should be up and running.

Take care.