SSL 525 Error handshake

Hi, my domain is hosted at Locaweb.

I’m made all setup with the certificate generated at cloudflare, inserted in cpanel on my site. but I still getting 525 error.

I dont know what is happening, when i test my site with openssl or curl directly to the host, im getting the certificate that cloudflare issue to me put on origin server.

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Assuming your server IP ends in 84 it appears there is no certificate configured on your server.

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it honestly sounds like you did not properly configure ssl are you using iis? apache? nginx? , so it sounds like you generated a ssl request on your server? than used that request too generate a origin certificate on cloudflare right? than you imported said origin certificate into your server? and binded “https to ip / hostname” instead of “http to ip / hostname”? well you are not done yet you still need too import a Root Certificate Authority (CA) into your server or you will generate a 525 error code! aka a “ssl handshake failure”
or am i wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:
also if you want a quick fix try logging into your cloudflare account selecting your domain hitting the ssl settings page and changing ssl from “full” or “full strict” too “flexible”

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