SSL 404s... what have I done?!


I think I might have seriously messed something up on our site

I added a cloudflare SSL and changed the nameservers as suggested, and it seemed fine, but then all pages except the home page are bringing up 404 errors… any advice on this would be appreciated as I appear to have messed something up.

Our host is TSO Host btw.

Many thanks in advance,

Do you have an SSL certificate on your own server?


No because they didn’t offer a free one, which was why I tried cloudflare because the host wanted to charge £40 a year for a basic SSL when we moved to a cpanel hosting package.

Cheers, Dave

As I already wrote in two other threads today, you still need a certificate on your server. Either pay your current host or switch to a host where you can configure a certificate for free.

Thanks. C’est la vie. New host it is.

Check if you can maybe upload your own certificate with your current host. They might only charge you if they actually have to apply for the certificate and if you handle it yourself it might be free.

Unfortunately they want to charge £20 a year even if I upload my own SSL cert, which seems a little tight as it’s a read only site.

These days a host shouldn’t really charge anymore. In that case a change in host will be the best course of action.

Yeah I think we might have to. It’s a shame because they used to be really good, amazing support etc, but they’ve gone a bit down hill in the last year or so unfortunately.
Thanks for you time Sandro and have a fine day!

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