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I’m using free Cloudflare for CDN, when I noticed, and then read that my third party SSL is replaced with Cloudflare’s unless paying for the choice to use Cloudflare’s SSL. Sadly we have bought our OV SSL for the next few years, so can’t afford to buy Cloudflare’s or update to one of the paid options such as business and enterprise, due to being a not-for-profit. I did read in one of the forum chat’s; Using my own SSL Certificate

that “use your existing cert to secure your origin and let supportATcloudlfareDOTcom know if you see any warnings that there are trust problems.” Can someone explain what this means in layman terms? Is there a way to have my third-party certificate and the free Cloudflare both show? Really want people who are kindly donating to see that we value their security with an OV SSL. Thanks for any help V.

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As for donors noticing your OV certificate, I fear you are attributing a degree of awareness that is far beyond that possessed by the majority of your visitors, no offense intended. Far too many people that should know how to read a certificate as a result of their occupation can’t manage the task. Your visitors definitely aren’t going to be clicking their browser numerous times to view details they won’t understand.


Thank you for your message, and I appreciate what you are saying. I would like however, to provide them the best we can, I’ve contacted Cloudflare about SSL pricing to evaluate our options or will otherwise have to switch to another CDN.

I wasn’t sure what had been meant by “use your existing cert to secure your origin”. Thank you again for your time

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