Ssistance Needed: Configuring Secure Access to Second Server on Port 8080

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I’ve encountered an issue while configuring a second website on port 8080. I have one website, (IP:, running on port 80, which works fine. I intend to set up a new web server on the same IP ( on port 8080. I’ve installed this second server using Docker and Nginx.

I can directly connect to the server at, and I receive a response from the site. However, I can’t connect via and receive the following error:

“This site can’t establish a secure connection. sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.”

I’m uncertain what additional configuration is needed to access the second server via the domain and port 8080.

8080 is an HTTP only port at Cloudflare, so you can’t use HTTPS.

Usually, you would create a subdomain for the second webserver and then configure the port via an Origin Rule in Cloudflare.

Docker run http web server, not https. I have not installed certificate on the server side. For first server the cloudflare adds certificate

Then you should fix that first and install a certuficate on the server.

You can get a free Cloudflare Origin Certificate.