SSHFP Support?


Is SSHFP support available when we have DNSSEC setup? I just got the DNSSEC setup with my registrar, all green lights when running the checks, but I cannot create the SSHFP records.

If this feature is not available, I’d like to see it become available. If it is available, how do I access it?


We currently do not have support for sshfp records. It is something which has been discussed, but is not currently on the roadmap. I will however make a note on our internal ticket regarding the feature.


Understood, thanks for letting us know!


Any update on this one by any chance?


I’d also be interested in sshfp support. I’m running an SSH service and would like to be able to avoid those:
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established. messages.


Any update to whether this is on the roadmap or not?


It’s there now for me.