SSHFP broken in new GUI

I have existing SSHFP records in one of my domains. When queried, they respond appropriately. I just tried to add SSHFP records to another domain, and it won’t take anything I enter due to DNS Validation error, but if I try to edit an existing SSHFP record, it’s likewise fubar.

I think someone broke SSHFP data entry fields for Cloudflare DNS. It’s now impossible to edit or add SSHFP records.

Hi @LinuxNinja,

Looks like you are not the only one…

and other records…

cc @cloonan

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I would love to introduce CF to ‘automated testing’ and ‘regression testing’ before they do a GUI upgrade.

Looks like they need to roll back…

Have you filled in the feedback link at the top with details of the issue?


I just did. Thanks!