SSH web - ERR: "not a http service"

Hello there,

I am getting used to this technology, recently I configured a test argo tunnel for exposing SSH as a web-browser app.

Upon following the steps in the official How-To at:

I found no issues following the guide, however whenever I try to open the application from my app launcher, I reach out to an ERROR 502 Bad gateway.

When I check the server, it will show this lines:

2021-06-10T23:08:46Z ERR localhost:22 is not a http service
2021-06-10T23:08:46Z ERR error=“Not a http service” cfRay=65d64376ebff0178-MIA ingressRule=0 originService=localhost:22
2021-06-10T23:08:47Z ERR localhost:22 is not a http service
2021-06-10T23:08:47Z ERR error=“Not a http service” cfRay=65d643799ff50178-MIA ingressRule=0 originService=localhost:22

I am unsure what the http service error is related to. I made sure SSHD is using TCP22, restarted the service and tested it within the LAN my server is sitting on.

Haven’t found much about that type of error so I am recurring to your knowledge here,


Do you have Access enabled for that hostname? I had the same issue with it when I had an Access Policy set to Bypass for my home IP address, plus an Allow for my email address. If I removed the Bypass, I’d trigger the Allow login page and the web interface worked.

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Hi there,

I am a first time poster here on Cloudflare forum, please let me know if I need to change anything or create a new thread for my issue.

I am experiencing the exact same issue setting up my friend’s Cloudflare Access. I looked over my configurations and the hostname have Access enabled. Access Policy is set to Allow. I setup my own SSH Web Rendering without any problem. I tried to compare my config with my friend’s config and they are similar. Everything else works like SSH tunnel, config.yml, CNAME is set up, and Short-lived certificate is set up too.

Do you know what is the cause for this error? Is it a caching issue (I cannot find anywhere else that would go wrong)? I know 502 is a server error but based on the cloudflared logs (exact same error as PO), it looks like we are accessing directly which is not my intention. Shouldn’t Cloudflare intercept that HTTP request and make a ssh request to the server? Because again, my ingress only stated the following,


  • hostname:
    service: ssh://localhost:22
  • service: http_status:404

and none of them is HTTP protocol other than the fallback 404. This will make cloudflared throw localhost:22 is not a http service no questions there, but I am wondering how did that HTTP request get to cloudflared in the first place?

Please let me know if you have any idea on where the problem is.

Thank you

I believe you should already configure the Access Policy if you followed the steps of the link that you provided.

But did you enable this:


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I am having the same issue as OP. If I toggle “Enable browser rendering” to On then save upon refresh it is toggled back to off again.

Try a different browser or device. I toggled mine a few times and it’s staying on through Forced reloads of the page.

Right, I followed step by step the guide, and reviewed the mentioned configuration at app level, but whenever I try to reach out the target URL, I get a 502 bad gateway despite of the browser/device I am trying from…

2021-06-11T14:30:30Z ERR localhost:22 is not a http service
2021-06-11T14:30:30Z ERR error=“Not a http service” cfRay=65db89a5fd482278-MIA ingressRule=0 originService=localhost:22

The web wont render the SSH at all. I will try to re-do the whole configuration and start from scratch.
Also, I am not experiencing that toggle problem. I can change the SSH browser option and it will keep showing the same 502 and “ERR localhost:22 is not a http service”

I’ve gone through this issue twice in the past month, after forgetting how to solve it on the first domain. For me, running cloudflared access ssh --hostname DOMAIN on the box returned websocket: bad handshake.

The problem/answer is in the error message: the domain did not have WebSockets enabled under the Network settings. :roll_eyes:

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