SSH Tunnel with browser rendering

I believe I have my SSH tunnel set up correctly, and I’ve enabled browser rendering. After I enter my pin number from the auth email instead of an browser SSH console I get an error which says “Unable to connect to origin. Please confirm that the tunnel is set up correctly and the origin is healthy.” The origin is healthy and the tunnel is up. Not sure what the deal is.

Should also mention I have other http(s) services running over the tunnel and they are working fine. It’s just SSH that is the problem.

I have the same problem. I want to access my Pi4 behind a CG NAT with SSH. Everything else works except for SSH.

I eventually figured it out. How far along are you? One of the things I didn’t realize, because it’s not documented, as that the password screen you get is asking for your SSH password, not your Cloudflare password. Once I realized that, things started working much better.

I have made a single post where I describe everything in detail.

I didn’t even get the user or password screen.

Just a little question, are you managing the tunnel via the web interface or the config.yml file?