SSH tunnel shutdown


Is it intended that a connection to a SSH tunnel prevents the tunnel from shutting down until the last user logs out?

Basically running SSH over an Argo tunnel works fine but manually terminating the tunnel tries to shut it down but if there’s a user connected it doesn’t close the tunnel until the last user logs out (or disconnects) from their ssh session.

INFO[0004] Route propagating, it may take up to 1 minute for your new route to become functional
^CINFO[3321] Initiating graceful shutdown…
INFO[3351] Quitting…
INFO[3351] Metrics server stopped
INFO[3351] Muxer shutdown connectionID=3
INFO[3351] Muxer shutdown connectionID=0
INFO[3351] Muxer shutdown connectionID=2
INFO[5112] Muxer shutdown connectionID=1

As seen in the log there’s many seconds inbetween the shutdown and when the last connection drops, and that was the moment after the last user exited their ssh connection.

How can I do a non-graceful shutdown and actually throw everyone out instantly?


If you’re on Linux, then the command killall -9 cloudflared should shutdown the tunnel immediately