SSH to my cloudflared isn't working

I have no Idea why, but I just deleted my old domain and created a new one. Can anyone just check where I am going wrong?

Things I did:

I added my domain in cloudflared dash, it didn’t auto detect any dns.

Then I added these dns at freenom domains

Then in terminal

cloudflared tunnel login

which generated a .pem file after logging in.

Next I created a new tunnel, which generated a 2dbd25d9-9e06-4163-8a91-26af221e1f5f.json file

cloudflared tunnel create mytunnel

Then added the cname records by

cloudflared tunnel route dns mytunnel
cloudflared tunnel route dns mytunnel
cloudflared tunnel route dns mytunnel

Then I created a ~/.cloudflared/config.yml file

tunnel: 2dbd25d9-9e06-4163-8a91-26af221e1f5f
credentials-file: /home/pi/.cloudflared/2dbd25d9-9e06-4163-8a91-26af221e1f5f.json

  - hostname:
    service: ssh://
  - hostname:
  - service: http_status:404
  # Catch-all rule, which responds with 404 if traffic doesn't match any of
  # the earlier rules

And I’m using

cloudflared tunnel --config config.yml --origincert cert.pem run 2dbd25d9-9e06-4163-8a91-26af221e1f5f

to run the tunnel.
Thing is I’m only able to use my apache web server over that http domain (, but when I try ssh (ssh [email protected]) its failing.

Nevermind found it!
cloudflared access ssh --hostname
I didn’t use the above command to ssh it

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