SSH password. How do I find the password?

Everything is set up to SSH into my server via Cloudflare. It is asking for a password. I have tried the password I used for server access and yet it says it is wrong. I do not have a firewall on, How do I go about “fixing” this? Should I change the password on the client computer (Raspberry Pi)? I don’t even specifically remember setting up a password anyway. I sound like a new guy because I am.

Thanks in advance for reading my note.

What (i.e. Spectrum, tunnels) are you using to proxy your SSH traffic? Regularly proxied DNS records wouldn’t support the SSH protocol/ports. If you’ve proxied using a Spectrum application, your SSH credentials are whatever you’d already been using on your origin.

Thanks for the fast response. I turned Cloudflare proxy off when I set it up. I will verify and look again. I will also have to check my router here. No other proxy sources are being used.

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