SSH Drops with Bad Packet Error over CF Teams

Encountering an error starting yesterday on an SSH endpoint protected using Cloudflare Access on Teams. After logging in, users get kicked out within 10-15 seconds with the following error:

Bad packet length 1147879656.
ssh_dispatch_run_fatal: Connection to UNKNOWN port 65535: Connection corrupted

Happening across multiple users, different OS, different ISP, different hardware. SSH works fine when we bypass Access and directly SSH into the server via its IP. This issue only happens when SSHing through CF access.

Same issue here, same errors only packet length differ.
Noticed on one host yesterday.

How’s your SSH set up? Is it with the SSH Spectrum setup, or is it through a Cloudflare Tunnel?

And…which verification are you using in Access?

I ask because I use Cloudflare Tunnel, and have Access set up to Bypass for my home IP address, but Allow for some email addresses. And I’m not getting kicked out.

I’m using Cloudflare/Argo tunnel for SSH access.

Issue is present on two machines: linux/amd64 and linux/armv7. Both same version:
cloudflared version 2021.10.4

I have different Cloudflare tunnels running with no issues, I will try to check and maybe update older Cloudflare instances/configs and check if that issue is present then.

EDIT: it seems updating to 2021.10.5 fixed my issue!
Before it was disconnecting every minute or so, now I’m logged in for more than 20 minutes - working fine :slight_smile:

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