Ssh dosn't work other ports

Hello Everybody!
Now I have one problem , I activated the ssh mode on cloud server, The 80 port is working well now.
But other ports doesn’t work , who meet such problem and resolved before?
Please help me.

When I try to connect the other port, Browser and Cloudfire seems working. But the host is not working.
And when I access using ip address and port, it’s working well.

Because Cloudflare is just a HTTP proxy and does not proxy other ports.

The list of supported ports are listed here:

If you need SSH access, either:

  1. Connect to the server IP address port 22 directly, or
  2. Create a new DNS record with the proxy status - :grey: DNS only, then connect via the unproxied DNS record.

Thanks for your reply.
But cloudfire supports several ports, what does it mean?
please guide me more clear, I am new to could fire, sorry.

The ports that you see are all HTTP ports, it’s used to support some websites which uses non-standard port to host their website.

But your use case is SSH, so refer to my previous reply.

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