SSH cccess through a proxied domain


I’ve just recently joined so bear with me if this seems obvious. I’m proxying a domain ( but actually we carry numerous subdomains with the DNS settings. Some of those subdomains point to our servers, giving us SSH access, eg. No actual user should be trying to browse there but our SSH access is all setup with it. For security, we’ve moved the SSH port to a custom port, eg. 12345.

Since the proxying has taken effect, we appear to have lost SSH access to the server. I see that the subdomain wasn’t actually set in the DNS settings so I added the A-record for unicorn, pointing to the relevant IP address and proxied or bypass, I can’t seem to access the server. I don’t know if it’s because of the custom port or why I wouldn’t be able to SSH in but I can’t. Please help.

Unless you run SSH Port 22 through Spectrum (it’s a paid option), you can’t SSH to a :orange: Proxied hostname.

And if it’s :grey: DNS Only, then all connections go directly to that server and Cloudflare is not part of the connection.

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Thanks sdayman. I think that’s fine - I don’t really need the server access proxied although it’s nice to know it can be done if script kiddies are trying to break in there.

However, I’ve set the subdomain up to DNS Only and it’s still not working. Does it take a while to take effect?

It only takes five minutes. Try verbose mode in SSH to see what it’s trying to connect to.

Yes, this is * feeling * more like an issue of the different port/port translation. If you SSH directly to the IP:port on your phone’s 4G, and on a different network connection, what do you get?

Hi Sdayman, it appears to have come right so maybe it’s just a matter of giving it a few minutes (hours) to work through the system. Thanks.

To be clear, setting the SSH access via DNS Only allows me to continue to use custom ports on the remote servers.

Thanks Ben - actually SSH’ing via the public IP and custom port worked but you can see from my response to sdayman, that it appears to have come right now. Thank you for your input.

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