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I’m trying to edit the records of the domain / website that I purchased through GoDaddy. I have this SRV records saying, “This record exposes the IP behind which you have proxied through Cloudflare.” I’m not sure what I need to change in order to fix it. Proxy status is DNS only. There are 2 SRV records. The TCP SRV record is fine, but the TLS SRV has this warning.
I’m pretty new to editing DNS records.

So how can I solve this issue so that my email sending will work as until now?


That warning is normal if you host something in addition to a :orange: Proxied website on the same server. Other than the warning, is something not working?

Here is some information regarding DNS records for email:

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I see, so I don’t have to change anything? Well, I see no other warnings in my records, but apparently there is an issue, since my SMTP (Sendgrid - email) integration just disappeared from my Clickfunnels (funnel builder software) account. They are all connected. The weird thing is that emails are still being sent, but there is no SMTP integration since I moved it to Cloudflare. So that’s why I was thinking that I need to make some changes with the SRV record.

If you use Sendgrid for any @yourdomain email, you’d need some DNS records here. Cloudflare usually picks them up in a scan, but if not, you’d need to add them again using Sendgrid’s instructions.

Do you know what records needs to be here in Cloudflare? I think I got them all, as far as I looked. However I reached out to ClickFunnels support and it may be because the website went down for a couple of minutes. So I’m going to wait to see if everything returns to how it was before. Otherwise I don’t know what else to add to the records. Because as I said, emails are still being sent, I just don’t see the integration. So it’s probably because of them. If not, I’ll reach out again for support.

I watched the video that you gave me. I have an MX record. I don’t have any A records though. I have a CNAME record with name “email”, which is proxied. So basically I have CNAME’s and TXT’s. No A records.

Any email-related DNS record should be :grey: DNS Only. I advise that you use an “A” record instead of a CNAME, and have that A record point to the IP address of the CNAME’s target hostname.

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