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I’m trying to set up a terrarium camera attached to my domain. I can currently get there with I would like to set up an srv record to point to but nothing seems to work. I’ve done with with 3 minecraft servers running on one machine, and it seems the only part that would be different would be the service field. Do these have to be standard field names or can I put anything in there? The port has to be 8090.

Here is a great tutorial:

Minecraft proxying is not supported, except for Enterprise customers with Cloudflare Spectrum (I’ve even heard that the original reason for developing Spectrum was for proxying Hypixel’s minecraft service).

I am not sure if 8090 is compatible, see here:

Thanks for that. I’m good with the mincraft part. I want to do it with another process that isn’t minecraft. I’m not sure if that’s possible. I don’t understand if the service field is standardized or if it’s something that has to be supported by the program I’m using.

I use SRV record mostly for e-mail service.

For example on the below screenshots (server name/domain/IP is being masked/hidden due to privacy concerns) having a cPanel at my Website would need to have this one added to Cloudflare DNS:

Or like this (only one SRV here for my other domain not using cPanel):

What I have here doesn’t work. I changed the actual names, but you get the idea. I basically have a webserver on port 8090 that I want to access from I’m not sure if this is possible. Any thoughts?

Do you have an A record which is pointing to your IP address and being :grey: (DNS only)?

From the screenshot above, the target should be while name yourservice.

Because, from what I see, if I understand correctly, you are trying to map a service yourservicename under your (main-root domain) and not under your sub-domain

Mapping a bare domain (yourdomain.tld) to your service/server.

A record

Host : @
Value: IP address of your web server
TTL: Automatic

SRV record

Service: _yourservicename
Protocol: _tcp
Priority: 0
Weight: 5
Port: 12345
Target: yourdomain.tld
TTL: Automatic

Mapping a subdomain (your-sub.yourdomain.tld or www.yourdomain.tld) to your service/server.

A record for sub-domain

Host : my-sub
Value: IP address of your web server
TTL: Automatic

SRV record

Service: _yourservice
Priority: 0
Weight: 5
Port: 12345
Target: my-sub.yourdomain.tld
TTL: Automatic

My ISP does not offer static IPs to residential customers. I’m having to use DDNS. I think a records can only resolve to IP addresses correct? That is why I’m having to get creative with this. I don’t have a static IP address.

In that case, maybe this can help you?:

Hi @headshrinker101

Port 8090 is not supported by default by Cloudflare.

In order to solve this, you can either:

Please check this article for more details about the network ports compatible with Cloudflare’s proxy:

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