SRV records yet again

So before I start, let me state:

  • I have read many threads on this forum about SRV record issues, none of which have helped.
  • Many of the responses I have seen have been along the lines of “you don’t need an SRV record for this” or “must be a client error”, not helpful.
  • The target for this SRV record is a non-proxied A record, so the “you can’t SRV to a proxied IP on a port Cloudflare doesn’t proxy” argument won’t fly.

So, I have defined this SRV record (this was going to be a pretty screenshot, but it seems this forum is a bit over-protective):

Type: SRV
Name: room.peertube
Service: _xmpp-server
Protocol: TCP
TTL: Auto
Priority: 0
Weight: 5
Port: 5269

By my understanding, this should result in an SRV record pointing to (again, a non-proxied A record) on port 5269 with priority 0 and weight 5.

However (gabe and ara are the DNS servers for my domain):

~$ dig +short SRV
~$ dig +short SRV

This is about half an hour after creating the SRV record.

Does Cloudflare just have a fundamental problem with creating SRV records in the web interface? If this is the case, I’ll just export/edit/import the zone file, since I have about 35 years of experience with editing zone files, but it does mean bad news for folks who are not intimately familiar with the zone file format.


So I exported the zone file, and the SRV record is there and correct. So why is it not resolving on the authoritative DNS servers for the domain?

This is what’s in the zone file, it looks right to me: 1 IN SRV 0 5 5269

The difference here is xmpp-server vs xmpp_server. If you do this dig it resolves:

~$ dig +short SRV

ARGH! You’re right! My bad.
Thanks, that solves the mystery.


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