SRV records not propagating

I have added several SRV records to help email clients autoconfigure. But it looks like they are not propagating.

Domain: oceanwatcher com

Any idea why this is happening?

Can you share a screenshot of the SRV DNS records in your dashboard.

Sure. Let me try.

All the records seem to be there for me:

I would check the DNS of the client trying to connect to see if there is caching there.

Please try:

dnschecker org/all-dns-records-of-domain

That one doesn’t show anything but and resolve those records fine.

So basically, I just had bad luck in choosing the tool? When using dnschecker, it reports no SRV records…

I’m getting results now for this

Maybe they just took extra time?

Could be :slight_smile: Will try it with a different email client now. Thank you!!

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