SRV records doubt

Hi, I have those two SRV records: SRV 3600 100 1 443 SRV 3600 100 1 5061

which I added to CloudFlare, the problem is that in CloudFlare I need to select a protocol: TLS, TCP, UDP… and the same is appended to the DNS records, which become: SRV 3600 100 1 443 SRV 3600 100 1 5061

Would this cause issues or is it supposed to work like that?

That’s not unique to Cloudflare. That’s a DNS standard for SRV records.

There are many other threads here about SRV records for SIP with examples of what records look like:

But those SRV records on the current hosting are defined without protocol in the domain name: SRV 3600 100 1 443 SRV 3600 100 1 5061

I’m not sure if migrating NS records to Cloudflare and not having records exactly as they’re defined on the current hosting will broke something or not.

I should have researched the topic a bit before. I found this article here:

My records should work as expected even with the protocol defined in the hostname.

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