SRV record taking wildcard literally

I am trying to make a wildcard srv record for my Minecraft server, but instead of, only " *" with an actual * works. According to at the very bottom, srv records don’t support wildcards. Is this correct? If so is there a way around this? (IK the person in the page I linked just used an A record but my server isn’t hosted on default port.)

As far as I know, the only place a wildcard could ever work in an SRV record is as the “service” (and it doesn’t make much sense there that I can think of). What are you trying to accomplish?

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I am trying to make work as a minecraft IP

I can’t think of a way to make this work with Cloudflare, because the only way the “name” part of an SRV record can be a wildcard is if the service and protocol aren’t specified, and Cloudflare requires both fields to be present.

With DNS in general you could create a wildcard SRV record * with no service, protocol, or name, and the SRV record will then be returned for any hostname doesn’t otherwise exist. (I just tried this on a unix nameserver running nsd and it works.) Note that the SRV record will match any protocol and service, so it could interfere with other services you’re running. edit: I also just realized that it would have to point to a different domain in order for a wildcard A record to also exist.

But Cloudflare doesn’t let you create an SRV record like that. Honestly it’s kind of a messy idea, especially if you want to use the domain for anything else as well, and I would recommend just sticking with a defined hostname or perhaps a few and just create the appropriate records.

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