SRV Record not working

I’m trying to use a SRV record to conect to diferent minecraft servers located at the same machine, but when I type the SRV hostname in minecraft servers it tells me “Can’t resolve hostname”

Main server: (Conection Ok)

2nd server: (“Can’t resolve hostname”)

DNS Config

It looks like “” doesn’t have a DNS record anywhere.

If I try to resolve the SRV in dns cheker like it resolves correctly and if the tutorials/documemtations I followed are ok, may resolve the minecraft server with port correctly but it don’t

Without knowing the actual hostnames you’re using, we can’t provide further information.

The problem seemed to be that A records are propagated faster than SRV records so all the test i hav made A records the changes are working fast (no more than 5min) but SRV takes more time to work properly. Mainly the problem is solved, what I don’t understand is why the google DNS give a correct rensponse to on DNS chekers but not on my computer (obiusly using google DNS)

Thanks for help!

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