SRV Record not working when redirecting to another site

I have a server with two site in it, one is the principal and the other is a secondary site for info on a specific project. I gave the second site the port 12120 (p.s i tried with other port and it wont work) in apache config and if i type the it works, but the srv record seems to do anything useful. the srv specs are: mc 0 0 12120 (dns is a placeholder). With my minecraft server, it works but with the site it wont do nothing. The service is Apache2 on Ubuntu Server

Are any of the relevant records set to :orange: (Proxied)?

no nothing is proxied

Ok, then DNS is working as designed. I always have to stumble my way through SRV records, but you should be able to find more DNS-specific help through Google, then configure your DNS here accordingly.

Yes the dns is working fine, because the srv record work with my minecraft server, but when it route to my apache server it wont work

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