SRV record not working (minecraft)

Hi all, I have set up an SRV record for my Minecraft server.

It says that the hostname is not resolvable. The target of the SRV record is an A name that points to my public IP address (not proxied). I have also used the website: whatsmydns to see if it has propagated but all come up as failed.

Does anyone know what I have done incorrectly? I can connect to the server successfully using a CNAME.


Your service-name is _javamc - are you using a mod that tells you to use this name? It should usually be _minecraft.

Also, when you use a subdomain for minecraft, you usually do not need an SRV record. SRV records are only necessary when you either have other services running on the same hostname but on a different IP address, or when you use a port other than 25565. You could just create an A record for the subdomain in this case.

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I’m running a java minecraft server and a mod that allows me to let bedrock players connect as well. So java mc player need to use 25565, and bedrock players need to use 19132 (I have a second SRV record set the same as shown but with a different port and protocol with the name _bedrockmc).

Does the name make any major difference? I thought it was just an identifier to see on Cloudflare?

I have a dynamic IP, so I would have to use a CNAME (which is currently working). However, I want to restrict subdomains to ports since I have multiple applications running that I do not want to share with some people (also something new to learn for myself!).

That’s useless, Bedrock does not use SRV records, so you can delete that.

Yes, it does. When you enter a domain into minecraft, it will look for an SRV record with the name, so it would not find your record, which is named

Is there another way to restrict subdomains to specific ports? For example, if I had a CNAME for Bedrock, can I restrict that subdomain to port 19132?

Minecraft Bedrock will always try to connect on port 19132/19133 - you just need to make sure that the hostname you use points to the correct IP address.

And this would also make your SRV record for java-minecraft redundant.

Not with DNS.

Thank you.

How long does it take for an updated SRV record to start working? I have just changed it, but still not working.

The TTL in your screenshot is set to Auto, which means 5 minutes.

And you enter into the minecraft address field, not just

It works! Thank you for your help.


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