SRV record not visible through DNS

Hello everyone,

whenever I create a SRV (root or subdomain doesn’t matter) it isn’t visible though DNS. It does however show up in the Cloudflare dashboard.

My current setup is this (the pixelated entries are for different subdomains):

However if I use nslookup (local), google’s (online) dig tool or any other website the response for SRV records is always empty. Other entries (I tested TXT) for the same domain appear within a few seconds whereas the SRV record still isn’t there after a day.

I greatly appreciate any help you can give.

It appears to work for me:

$dig _ts3._udp.ts.your.domain srv +short
0 5 4362 ts.your.domain

To be fair it took me a minute to remember what the heck an SRV dig actually looked like… so just make sure you’re querying for __ts3.udp.ts.your.domain which is the actual value of the SRV record created.

Now I feel dumb… I didn’t know you actually have to prepend that the the search query.

Thank you so much :+1:t3:

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