SRV record not updating

Hi there. I’ve hot a problem. I want to host a game server for my friend and i want to create SRV record for the server. The server port is 25566 ant the source address is I’ve got a domain: and I made a record like this.
Service: _minecraft
Protocol: TCP
Name: mc
TTL: Auto
Priority: 1
Weight: 5
Port: 25566

And when I want to check the records with I did not see my srv records after 1,2,3 hours.
Whats wrong with this?

Resolves fine for me

nslookup -type=srv


Non-authoritative answer:       SRV service location:
	  priority       = 1
	  weight         = 5
	  port           = 25566
	  svr hostname   =

As well as on the service you mentioned,

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Yeah. The support solved the problem. But thaks the feedback. Have a nice day.

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