SRV record not resolving

as the title says. its formatted: _minecraft._tcp.minecraft (target = and have port assigned. DDNS is working. domain resolves just fine and can connect to service manually through, but cannot connect with verified NS record resolves and reports dashboard NS’s are correctly assigned. the SRV worked for a couple months. then suddenly the last 2 days it hasn’t. i’ve changed nothing about my network configuration or DNS entries. pretty stumped

What is the real domain name and record you are trying to resolve? is A name for domain is srv record

It seems to resolve ok…

dig +short srv
1 1 27004

dig +short

i didn’t figure there was anything wrong with the record. the thing that puzzles me is even though it resolves for you, i can’t connect to the server and when i check the SRV record on DNS checker nothing resolves.

interestingly though, i just tried getting onto the server via my wife’s computer and hers logged on fine. :confused:

okay i have a dumb question. i just did a windows security update cuz i got the pop up. now i can log in, but DNS checker still doesn’t resolve. i feel like i’m missing something here, but can updates being out of date like that prevent resolutions? i know you can configure things like that with popular reverse proxies, but i’ve clearly done no such thing for the minecraft server.

It too resolves fine…


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