SRV record name not visible

Hi Team,

Wondering if there’s any reason you don’t show the full record name for SRV records for subdomains? I have the root domain as well as several subdomains registered in my Office365, and have several _sip._tls records showing, but I can’t see which one is which without clicking on the record. Other subdomain records (A, CNAME + TXT) all show the full record name. Is this perhaps just an oversight?

Not sure how I can include screenshot - hope I’ve explained it well enough.



You didn’t include a screenshot of that, but typically, only the “@” entry (the naked domain) would show your actual domain. Like an “A” record for will show and its IP address.

Any other DNS record should behave like a subdomain, so the “A” record will just say ‘sub’ with the IP address.

So, in your screenshot of all the SRV records, it is confusing. Your first four _tcp all look identical, but you’re saying they’re all different subdomains? Same goes with the _tls ones, which clearly point to different hostnames.

Let’s see if @dane or @anb are around and can clarify.

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