SRV record missing crucial fields

As the topic header suggests, while on-boarding a new client I’ve noticed that the service and protocol fields are missing. I first noticed it because I tried using 365’s integration to automatically do it since it’s a brand new domain, but upon checking further I noticed when trying to manually add the records

See image below.

Service and protocol are added in the Name field, as in the example below the field. An SRV record goes like:

The underscores are necessary.

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Hi i40west,

Thanks for the update, but is this a recent change from Cloudflare? I recently added a SRV record where they were still split.

Even the Office 365 integration with Cloudflare when adding a domain is giving errors.

Regardless, I’ll be adding the records in the above mentioned format.

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Yes, I think there used to be separate fields.

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