SRV record for SMTP

Hello guys,

I try to redirect the service SMTP (port 25) to an another port like 2825 because my ISP blocks the port 25.

It seems my actual SRV record to redirect the service port to 2825 does not work.

Has someone already tried ?


SRV records do not redirect ports. They publish information about services which some client software may make use of. There is no guarantee that the software you are using will look for a SRV record. Those details are going to be out of scope for the Coudflare Community and are best addressed by the particular software product’s own support methods.

If the host you are trying to use for SMTP is using the Cloudflare proxy :orange:, you will not be able to connect to it. The Cloudflare proxy only relays HTTP and HTTPS traffic on specific ports.


And thus, how to redirect the SMTP port to an another?


You don’t. Port redirection is not a function of DNS. If you are running an SMTP server on a non-standard port, you need to configure that in your email client account settings when you set it up.

Depending on the specific use case, I would evaluate a more suitable option, such as using the submission port.

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