Srv record dont work


I have an srv record for but it dont redirect to the port 9999 but it is correctly settupped.
Also dont go to the rigth port. I dont understand why it is not working?

Please post a screenshot of your DNS config. Redact any IP addresses.

Your SRV record points to TCP 9999, youd need UDP:

_ts._udp SRV 1 1 9999

regarding play.: this one seems just fine. Try the following:
_minecraft._tcp SRV 1 5 25589

and double check the port.


doesnt work or i need to wait 24 hours but idk? on an 4g network does it also not work

Still not work

You might want to ask for the right configuration at a Teamspeak forum. The issue here is not per se Cloudflare related but rather an incorrect record setup and a Teamspeak forum definitely is the better place to ask.

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