SRV not redirecting on new server

Hello, I have a Jellyfin Server that works with Cloudflare SRV
it redirects the domain to :8096

I have just got a brand new server and set up Jellyfin again but i can’t get it to redirect

i tried copying all settings over , port forwarded but still not working, any idea? i can’t find anything about this.

Thank you

Have you tried to access that port 8096 from a third party network (a network outside where the server is, such as on the mobile network, from a friend’s place, … et cetera)?

Getting the brand new server could mean that the brand new server has received a different local IP address, that you must change your port forward to forward to.

Have you verified that the old server didn’t have like the IP address, but that the new server then received, so that you simply have to update the IP address in the port forwards?

In order to get to any full conclusion without just guessing, more information about the actual error code(s) and/or error message(s) would be required.

Preferably also stuff like the old settings that you’re saying you copied over, how the new one looks, and where you copied it from / to, and especially the SRV record(s), and any other potentially related DNS record(s) that you may have.

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I tried connecting with and without 8096 while using phone data/4g ( not local network )
and using 8096 works.

For port forwarding, i have rule for port 8096 which was used my old server IP
all i did was replace it with the new IP.

Cloudflare SRV config ( the red is my domain / domain .com )

For Jellyfin settings, in the networking page i copied everything over, if box was ticked i ticked it on the new one.

if there is more info i can share let me know
thank you.

So all the red parts are always, and with no exception just the apex / naked domain, e.g., and never a sub-domain like or

Is the AAAA and/or A record(s) for set to Proxied (:orange:), or to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only?

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Both SRV and A Record is DNS ONLY.
i don’t use subdomains.

And that A record points to the exact IP address that you see when accessing one of these pages, from the same network as the server is on?

Was this test done using the IP address, or the domain name?

Should I understand it as it was working fine (exactly as you want it to), using the domain name through the phone data/4g, both with and without the port number?

In other words, it works perfectly fine at some places already, … but not at some others?

Both Websites point to my IP. WORKS on any network
but doesn’t work even if it should, as it did before.

I used to be able to connect via just without the :8096
but now it only works with the :8096 when using the new server.

from what i understand the SRV redirects traffic via :8096
A.K.A when someone types it will automatically add the :8096 even tho you cannot see it in the url.

Then it isn’t a Cloudflare problem.

It will only work like that if the actual application, e.g. the client, that you’re using to connect to Jellyfin with, is able to read and understand SRV records and how they work.

If that client doesn’t understand SRV records, what you’re trying to accomplish is never going to work the way you expect.

I Googl’ed a bit, and found that there are feature requests to add support for SRV records:

Support reading port from SRV DNS record · Issue #35 · jellyfin/jellyfin-meta · GitHub

Nothing that I see points in the direction that SRV records is, or have ever been supported with Jellyfin.

Since it doesn’t sound to me like Jellyfin supports SRV records, … at the time of writing this, another thing came up:

Could you eventually have forwarded port 80 (public IP) towards port 8096 (local machine), or something similar, so that the public port was actually different from the local/internal port because of your port forwarding set up?

Or maybe have run it at port 80 previously?

If SRV records aren’t supported, the problem needs to be found elsewhere, which doesn’t sound to be with your Cloudflare (and/or the DNS) configuration.

If you can share the domain, I can check from my end, if I see any kind of things that points towards reachability issues when using the domain, but I believe that’s all the Cloudflare Community can do now.

Other than that, I’m somehow starting to think that you should communicate with the Jellyfin Community about this.

They may be more specialized in what works with their software, and what does not, and can probably offer you much better troubleshooting than the Cloudflare Community.


i went to see which one has to be turned on… and guess what you were right port 80 is the one that lets me use without the port

so i removed all the ports except 80
and removed SRV and it still works, so i think what happened was i was setting up port 80 and SRV at the same time and the Domain worked so i thought it was the SRV but it was actually port 80.

But this is for old server, i will now try to get it to work with new server, and i will let you know if i fix it.

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I fixed it by installing JellyFin in Windows / Port forwarded everything to Port 80.

For whatever reason Linux was totally broken.

Thanks for your help. :smile:

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