SRV no service drop down

Am I doing something wrong? There is no option for a SVR service. I’m trying to follow a guide for a minecraft server and there is no option like this.

My DNS page wont give me the option to use _minecraft

Oh i just have to do it in the name field now… “_minecraft._tcp” fixes it.

I am having this same problem. I tried what you stated hours ago before I even got here but it still isn’t redirecting. Did you run into anymore issues like this?

Do you also have an A record pointing to your ip (turn proxy off) you need both “A” & “SVR”

A record -
Name: mc
Ip: host ip
TTL: auto
DNS only (no proxy)

SVR record -
Name: _minecraft._tcp
Priority: 5
Weight: 0
Port: 25565
Target: A record name
TTL: auto

You may need some other records also if you do not have a static ip.

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I got it now.

My issue was not using the default 25565 port on my public IP. I did have some questions for you though if you do not mind. In the videos I watched there wasn’t an expalination on what these meant.

What does the priority and weight do on the SVR record? Also, why can’t the A record be proxied? All the videos said to turn it off but never said why

Yup that’ll do it! But there is a really nice Explanation on this page about priority and weight.

As for the proxy; Cloudflares proxy protocol is just HTTP and would not work for your MC server or really anything that’s not a webpage. I believe you can achieve this with a paid Cloudflare account. But as for free you cannot.

Awesome, thanks for the help!