SRV domain is not working


I’m opened ticket for zone rebuilding, because SRV domain not working
On my site not working currently SRV records.
In otther topic i see need rebuild this. [Minecraft SRV Records suddenly not working - #12 by TKlein]
Or maybe work if i’m delete all record and recreate it?

Hi @Deniel,

Can you post the ticket number?

Yes, there is:

Thanks. I’ll escalate this post for the attention of the Customer Support Team.

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Thank you!

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Hey there! I, too, am having this problem… Ticket #: 2187769

Glad to see your support staff is knowledgeable and able to fix this quickly!

Usually an SRV is done through the provider server admin input area or the server IP that you use to been changed to another. Hope that helps.

I think you might have responded to the wrong thread - this response makes no sense in context of this post.


I’ve replied in the ticket at this time and ran the fix. While these fixes are quick it has to be done by Cloudflare support.

I’ve replied to your ticket as well. Please follow up if you continue to experience issues.

I believe you must set the full host, including your domain. That host must be DNS resolvable obviously.

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