SRV do I need to set this record up?

Can someone please explain what exactly the SRV record is for and how I properly set it up? One of my accounts has it set up and my other does not. Both are able to send and receive mail. Is SRV record needed for configuring email to TEXT messages? I’m attempting to set up a thank you text message sent as a thank you when a contact from is submitted by a visitor, is SRV needed for this task?

Thank you ahead of time!!

SRV records aren’t widely used… they usually are used by specific applications to denote information they need to connect/ function. Office 365 uses an SRV for it’s Skype functionality for example. If you are using a 3rd party service to convert email to TXT messages, they may use SRV records (I’m not really familiar with a service that does that) so you may need to ask them what if anything you need to configure in DNS to use their service.

Ok great thank you for that, for now just confirming that I do not need it set up to be able to send basic email. The web site that does not have it set up - the email is working fine. I’m investigating a plugin that will send a text after a form is submitted, I’m thinking that for this functionality the SRV record will be needed tho…

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