SRV DNS not propagating and e-mail auto configuration is failing

This was working for a long time, but today it just stopped I don’t know why. tells me my SRV is not being propagated anywhere, at least that is what my host provider is saying it the problem.

Is it normal to not see SRV being propagated?

I have outlook using it to autoconfigure itself, and it was working until this morning. I can still login if I use my webmail but local outlook just cannot because of this.

Looks like autodiscover is also not being propagated

Thats not an SRV record but a regular A record for your naked domain.

Same goes for “autodiscover”. In this case most likely because you proxied it. If you want a CNAME you have to unproxy.

Thanks for the reply.

My SRV is not proxied.

Resolves just fine

nslookup -type=srv
Address:    SRV service location:
	  priority       = 0
	  weight         = 0
	  port           = 443
	  svr hostname   =
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You might want to read up on SRV records

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