SRV and TXT Records not working as expected due to preceding underscore requirement in service name

I am implementing an Avaya Remote worker solution and I am having issues with the TXT and SRV record in DNS with the need for the underscore in the beginning of the service name.

The SRV record must match the following.

Name =
Service = aads _avaya-ep-config
Protocol = TCP
Priority = 1
Weight = 1
Port = 8443
Target =

Then the TXT record must match the SRV record

Name = aads._avaya-ep-config._tcp
content = "txtvers=1" "proto=https" "path=/acs/resources/configurations"

However Cloudflare seems to require a underscore in front of the SRV record name, which make me need to match that on the TXT record as well and this is not going to work, is there anyway around not adding a _ in front of the SRV record name?

When I dig each one I would use the following command
dig IN SRV

Which would produce the answer, but it does not.
if I add the underscore in the front I get an answer, not the one I am looking for but an answer.

;; ANSWER SECTION: 27 IN SRV 1 1 8443

Note the underscore in front of the string, I must have that to make it work on cloudflare, but this will not work for my application.

Same for the TXT record, it will not give an answer unless I now add the underscore in the front

dig IN TXT
no answer


dig IN TXT
;; ANSWER SECTION: 60 IN TXT "txtvers=1" "proto=https" "path=/acs/resources/configurations" is my lab / testing domain, it is not the customer name I am working on for obvious reasons.

It is required by the RFC (rfc2782) - RFC 2782 - A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) . Not something CF can do for this.

The format of the SRV RR

   Here is the format of the SRV RR, whose DNS type code is 33:

        _Service._Proto.Name TTL Class SRV Priority Weight Port Target

        (There is an example near the end of this document.)

        The symbolic name of the desired service, as defined in Assigned
        Numbers [STD 2] or locally.  An underscore (_) is prepended to
        the service identifier to avoid collisions with DNS labels that
        occur in nature. Some widely used services, notably POP, don't have a single
        universal name.  If Assigned Numbers names the service
        indicated, that name is the only name which is legal for SRV
        lookups.  The Service is case insensitive.

        The symbolic name of the desired protocol, with an underscore
        (_) prepended to prevent collisions with DNS labels that occur
        in nature.  _TCP and _UDP are at present the most useful values
        for this field, though any name defined by Assigned Numbers or
        locally may be used (as for Service).  The Proto is case

Yeah I read that somewhere, I have never run into this before with other DNS host, google domains for example does not require it. Not sure cloudflare is going to work for my solution at this point which is sad because I love cf for all my other applications I run.

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