Squatting: Russian Website On My Domain


I purchased dent-hub.com as a future parody website for my hidden Facebook page with the same name. The hidden page has grown and I decided I wanted to publish. There is nothin in my add-ons or my root folders and I do own the domain.

I figured that after I simply change name servers and published my website theirs would disappear, but I was mistaken. They have taken over my domain.

First, How are they able to pull this off?
Second, how can I stop them now and in the future?

Any help is appreciated.


Contact Support. They can make sure your domain resolves properly: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


All I get is a website saying IPv4 only.


Sure you pointed your domain to the correct host?

All I get is a CF browser check saying that my IP is


Im getting some Russian Casino website (Firefox). Once I moved the NameServers over to cloudflare we started seeing the “IPv4 only” on Safari and Chrome.

Regardless, when I publish my website…it doesnt publish. I have 59 sites up and have never ran into this. I had hoped that a sitemap might lead me to the containing folder or at least the web-inspector. It doesn’t seem to exist and I hate to roll the servers back and republish 59 sites.

Total F’in mystery how even the IPv4 is showing when I have nothing up. The domain has been dormant and unused in cpanel. Whatever/Wherever the website is located is a total mystery.


Cloudflare is routing traffic where your DNS tells us to. Are you sure the IP address of your origin server int he DNS control panel is correct?

If you’re seeing a different site than all of us you may need to flush your DNS cache. If you do a dig oor nslookup on your machine does the IP address for your site start with 104. ?


Turns out, they had gained access DNS side. Its being resolved now.


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