SquareSpace update to NS and removal of old SqareSpace Nameservers


My client set up a paid account with Cloudflare yesterday. He is using SquareSpace and I have updated NS on SquareSpace to the new Cloudflare NS. I removed the NS that Cloudflare told me to get rid of at setup and updated with the new Cloudflare NS. It’s my first Square Space site with Cloudflare and i’m not 100% on what should be left in place. I kept (with Cloudflare NS above them) the following (which Cloudflare did not ask to remove):


partly because I wasn’t sure if I needed to remove them and partly in case the site went down while the Cloudflare NS propagated.

Do i need to remove the above (I’m assuming yes but i’d appreciate confirmation - and if it’s best to wait until account is no longer pending)? The Cloudflare account is still showing pending and most of my NS lookups are still showing the old NS (but occasionally the new). Aside from the above question, is this just now waiting and it should all work nicely with Cloudflare?

If you want to use Cloudflare nameservers you’ll need to remove the Squarespace nameservers. Before switching nameservers you should set up any and all required DNS records in Cloudflare.

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Hi there @shaun14, @anon9246926 is correct, for more information on adding a site to Cloudflare – please feel free to visit: Add a site · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs for more of a step-by-step guide.

Please reach out if you have concerns or questions

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Thanks. So if in Cloudflare’s DNS panel there are 4 A records all with SquareSpace Ip’s for the domain and all proxied, do i need to remove these also or leave in place? And there is also a CNAME - should this also go?


I suggest the best thing to do is read through the following Squarespace support guide

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Hi, thanks but the doc doesn’t answer my question about what to do with what is showing on the Cloudflare side and whether i need to change this. If you can confirm that i should leave the 4 A records (mydomain.com) and CNAME (www) record alone as is (ie pointing to SquareSpace) that would be great. Will this just get updated after propagation or does this stay pointing to SS.

Thanks again @anon9246926

If you want to continue using Squarespace, I would highly suggest leaving any records pointing to that service intact.

Perfect, thanks very much for your great help!! Much appreciated :smile:

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