Squarespace managed domain pointing to Cloudflare Pages site

Hey there!

I have a Squarespace site, using Squarespace for the domain management as well.

I’ve created a new version of the site using Cloudflare Pages, and would like to point the Squarespace domain at it, so that visitors see the new site content but the URLs stay the same.

I believe that the Squarespace docs I need to achieve this are this page about pointing a Squarespace domain: Pointing a Squarespace domain – Squarespace Help Center

I want to point rather than transfer, to enable me to check the changes, and enable an easy rollback to the Squarespace domain pointing to the Squarespace site if needed.

However - I just want to sanity check a few things please:

  • What values should I use for the A/AAAA records?
  • Would this work, and I would only need to set DNS records Squarespace side and not in Cloudflare/Cloudflare Pages itself?

Using various ways of checking the IP address for the Cloudflare pages *pages.dev domain I get a few different entries - hence my question about what values to use.

If you’re using external DNS, you would have to create a CNAME record for www at Squarespace by following the directions here:



To clarify however, to do that it seems like I need to transfer the domain to Cloudflare?

That page says:

To ensure a custom domain is added successfully, you must go through the Add a custom domain process described above. Manually adding a custom CNAME record pointing to your Cloudflare Pages site - without first associating the domain (or subdomains) in the Cloudflare Pages dashboard - will result in your domain failing to resolve at the CNAME record address, and display a 522 error.

When I go to the Custom Domains section in Cloudflare Pages and enter the domain, it says:

Before adding .com to your Pages project, you’ll need to transfer your DNS to Cloudflare.

I’m looking for a way to do this without transferring the domain.

Please re-read this:

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